The Cloud in 2016: What’s Driving Adoption Now

As I talk to many new customers about why they are moving to the cloud, I’m seeing several trends that demonstrate how we’re helping companies achieve their goals. Customer experience is rapidly evolving for organizations of any size, a result of the proliferation of digital channels and social media, mobile technology, the need to reduce customer churn and to increase loyalty of consumers. The contact center is truly the front line in this battle.

The top reasons we see many companies adopting the cloud:

  • Achieving both customer experience and business goals
  • Driving new business models
  • Enabling global innovation

With the most complete, easiest and most reliable way to help companies achieve their customer experience goals, inContact has a unique position in the cloud market. Over the years, our organization spent a lot of time selling the benefits of the cloud but more and more companies are already committed to the cloud. Now, our focus has shifted on why inContact is the best solution in the cloud.

One of our recently announced contracts with a large national digital healthcare company offers an excellent example of how our software enables improved business outcomes for our customers. Our solution will enable omnichannel connectivity between patients and thousands of specialized caregivers via both 24/7 on demand capabilities as well as scheduled sessions. These interactions will include both voice communications and two-way digital information displayed on mobile devices, all of which will be recorded and stored in compliance with HIPAA standards. Our solution also includes full integration with patients’ electronic medical records and with specialized wearables, tailored to the needs of each disease program. The majority of these caregivers will work remotely from their own offices for care centers in this revolutionary protocol for disease management. inContact was selected for many factors including streamlined omnichannel routing including voice, chat and e-mail, built-in scalability to support up to 5,000 caregivers within 12 to 18 months, competitive pricing and the complete cloud solution with workforce optimization and in-depth real-time reporting.

Here’s another example of a global networking technology company serving retail, manufacturing, and other industries. They are making the move from three disparate premise systems which were inflexible, complex and difficult to administer with 600 agents located in six centers in North America, APAC, EMEA, and Latin America. They chose inContact to help them achieve two primary goals: improve global customer service for B2B customers, and improve visibility and operational effectiveness across the enterprise. They chose inContact over competing cloud providers because we have the most unified solution; we have superior end-to-end reporting and flexibility in the cloud; we have a superior value adding ecosystem built on our APIs with over 200 available for developers; and we do all of this globally.

Article by Paul Jarman, CEO – inContact

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