Cloud Services Specialist Replacement

Many companies hire out positions that come included in the price of the services they are purchasing, a Cloud Services Specialist is one of them. If you are looking to add on a Cloud Services Specialist to your team, why not try one of our solutions, it will give you major budget points with your management teams.

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Cloud Services Specialist Job Description

Here is what IT Managers are looking for in a Cloud Services Specialist

The Cloud Services Specialist assists with the planning, development, installation, configuration, testing, administration, troubleshooting, and documentation of IoT connectivity products and services to support Global Company Controls product development strategy. Including interfaces, shared components, networking, and application level protocols. Assists with oversight, coordination, and optimization of PaaS providers and partner-deployed hardware. Works with key stakeholder groups as needed. Components of which range from Registration services, Analytics, Weather services, BIM/CRM integrations, and Third party control cloud integrations, including data privacy and localization issues.

What do IT Managers expect from a Cloud Services Specialist?

  • The specialist works under limited supervision to complete assignments and projects on time.
  • The specialist supports development projects, and deals with day-to-day development activities of their project
  • Normally geography is not an issue as they are working in the cloud and can interface with their teams using remote communication methods
  • Normally the Cloud Service Specialist Job is an entry level position

How does it work?

What specialties does Straightforward add to your team?

  • Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
  • Azure Architecture and Management
  • Amazon Architecture and Management
  • Google Cloud Architecture and Management
  • Contact Center as a Service
  • Business Voice Over IP, VOIP, Hosted Voice
  • Office 365 and GSuite
  • Software Defined Wide Area Networks SD-WAN
  • Data Connectivity
  • and More

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