What is driving explosive demand for Contact Center as a Service?

Contact Center as a Service or CCaaS, before 2 years ago, really hadn’t grown or took off. What changed?

Two years ago Salesforce.com did not care about the Telecom, now they do. Just that small change for Salesforce.com to say ‘we care about the Telecom’ charged the industry up. It is currently a $22B industry and Garter estimates it will be $407B by 2022.

Do you really need to look at a modern phone system for your business?

We will answer that question with another question, How many times have you asked a company to alert you by text? You just answered the first question.

Let’s get it going, start with a Conversation Starter

The consumer expectation has flipped the script, Brand is not enough today, the Customer Experience is everything, there is no brand loyalty these days. Their consumers demand Facebook Messenger, SMS, text messages, EMail, Video Chat, text Chat, and TeleHealth. All require a ton of heavy lifting and costs to integrate antiquated systems into the 21st century. Customer service demands have also changed. They’re requiring more remote diagnostics and Customer Resource Management, CRM and Data Store. TeleHealth and HIPPA requirements have forced change adoption on Healthcare.

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