What keeps Human Resource Managers up at night?

Human resources managers are highly concerned with Personnel Attrition

Let’s face it the Contact Center employee’s job sucks, a Contact Center employee is always looking to move or planning to move on to something else.  The number one reason cited as the reason for leaving a Contact Center gig is the inability to satisfy the customer the way that they want to be cared for. Most flat out do not have the tools available to them to ‘WOW’ and dazzle your customers.  Many are put at a disadvantage before they answer the phone by broken and frustrating ”UN”-Intelligent Voice Recognition software, IVRs, or Terrible Automatic Call Distribution Systems that leave the customer repeating themselves over and over again. Contact Center as a Service CCaaS platforms help fix these top issues:

Reasons of Contact Center Employee Attrition

  • Lack of tools to satisfy customer expectations
  • Insufficient self service
  • Lack of performance tools
  • Insufficient core routing technology
  • Poor actionable analytics

Want to fix these issues for your employees? Start with a simple conversation

Companies who participated in this discussion were Five9, inContact, IntelePeer, West

Let’s Fix Your Contact Center

Let’s build bridges within your teams and satisfy all involved. Let’s satisfy your IT bench’s security requirements, Let’s give your operations folks the control they need to keep your customers happy, let’s let Marketing dream and bring in new revenue.

Let’s chat about Contact Center as a Service

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