Brooklyn Park Home Health Care Telehealth Awareness Meetup

Why you need a Telehealth Practice

Healthcare organizations are under intense pressure to deliver the highest quality patient care while complying with state and federal regulations and reducing clinical operation costs. At the same time the demand for care to our aging population in the United States continues to grow. As a result, they require Telehealth that enables better staff collaboration and response times—all while offering security and cost efficiency. This also means utilizing detection methods that smartly route expensive labor pools efficiently and delivering communications across channels that patients and providers use today—including voice, email, SMS text, mobile applications and the web.

At this meetup we will have industry professionals to explain

  • Our network of providers handle the heavy lifting and costs for you
  • Explain how the Technology works as an ecosystem
  • Demonstrate how it fits into Home Health Care operations
  • Show how our sales teams are ready to hit the ground to sell it for you
  • Interview you on how all of this might fit into your operation.

If you are a Home Health Care Professional and want to know more about how you can build a Telehealth practice with your company please RSVP for our Meetup below

Brooklyn Park Library
Shingle Creek Room
8500 West Broadway Ave
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Remote Home Health Systems

Technogranny Club has approved Telehealth and Remote Home Health solutions as a service for independent living. This provides a secure and cost-effective option for safety, security, and comfort. Using the client’s baseline, it watches activity patterns in order for Home Care companies to understand a normal day and receive daily alerts when something is out of the ordinary. Home Health Care companies can now respond proactively, slowing the onset of invasive medical attention. Home Automation simplifies daily routines with automated temperature, light, and security settings. 24/7/365 Life Safety Monitoring for things like fire, carbon monoxide, and burglary by local Central Station Operators. Combining all of these features, products, and services provides complete peace of mind to caregivers and advocates that their loved one is safe, comfortable, and secure.

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