Brooklyn Park Human Resource Manager Home Health Awareness Meetup

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Why Human Resources needs a Remote Home Health Strategy

A major storm cloud is brewing for employees in the “Sandwich Generation.” They are at a massively critical juncture: child care needs colliding with elder care demands right when employees are in key professional roles – and so exceptionally valuable to you their employer. Attend our awareness seminar to learn how to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity for employees managing their careers and care for aging parents.

At this meetup we will have industry professionals to explain

  • Our network of providers handle the heavy lifting for you
  • Explain how the Technology works as an ecosystem
  • Demonstrate how all the moving pieces work together

If you are a Human Resource Professional wanting to know more about how you can ease your employees minds, please make sure to attend and RSVP for our Meetup below

Brooklyn Park Library
Shingle Creek Room
8500 West Broadway Ave
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Remote Home Health Systems

Technogranny Club has approved a Remote Home Health solutions as a support for independent living to your employees relatives. This provides a secure and cost-effective option for safety, security, and comfort. Offered as a Voluntary Employee Benefit, businesses can offer their employees a Home Health Care Monitored System that watches for changes in their loved ones activity patterns. The Home Health Care company can now respond proactively, slowing the onset of invasive medical attention, giving your employee peace of mind while they are at work. The employee has access to the Home Automation platform so they can know who is coming and going. They can also simplify the elderly one’s daily routines with automated temperature, light, and security settings. Monitored 24/7/365 for things like fire, carbon monoxide, and burglary; your employee has complete peace of mind that their elderly mom, dad, grandmother or grandfather is comfortable, safe, and secure.

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