Vigilant Technology Solutions delivers advanced cyber security solutions and is the creator of CyberDNA, a patent-pending distributed Network Security Monitoring as a Service Platform. CyberDNA offers threat detection that goes far beyond traditional signature models by placing advanced security sensors both inside and outside customer networks which Vigilant’s analyst team actively hunts for hacking attempts then communicates attacks to customers. Vigilant’s CyberDNA Service detects Cyber Threats in minutes and hours instead of the industry average of 215 – 243 days. By tailoring its suite of services to fit the unique infrastructure and security risk profiles of its clients and partners, Vigilant has successfully deployed and continues to support the personalized detection needs for some of the largest accounting, healthcare and financial investment firms in the country. Vigilant Technology Solutions and CyberDNA are registered trademarks of Vigilant LLC. Vigilant was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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