Zayo provides high bandwidth connectivity solutions for business and carriers. Its private optical network delivers key network and IP services in and among top U.S. metro markets and globally. Zayo’s network is widely used in demanding markets such as financial services, media, health care, retail and government. Over 6 million fiber miles of private, purpose-built networking providing end-to-end connectivity in and among top US markets and globally.

About Zayo

  • 6 Million Fiber Miles
  • 15,794 US buildings on-net
  • 756 Data Centers Connected
  • Top US Markets + Global
  • Extensive Long Haul Network
  • Global IP capability

Why Choose Zayo

  • Can seamlessly extend your network to your customers
  • Private metro fiber network enables customers to meet these critical requirements:
  • Scalability, whether your goal is to scale monthly or on demand, Zayo will work with you to build a custom network that will grow along with your business needs
  • Lowest Latency, providing only carrier class electronics to light our state of the art fiber network, resulting in the fastest, lowest latency network available to support your demanding applications, whether deployed across a metro or across the United States
  • Business continuity, data storage and disaster recovery, with expert knowledge spanning more than 20 years, we deploy and support the most demanding networks in the world
  • Continuous monitoring, our 24×7/365 Network Management Center (NMC) ensures your service is virtually error free

Let’s have a chat. We will bring the conversation and advice

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Zayo can help us with

  • Dedicated Internet (DIA) WAN Data Connectivity
  • Ethernet WAN Data Connectivity
  • Wholesale WAN Data Connectivity
  • Dark Fiber Internet Connectivity
  • International Data Internet Connectivity
  • MPLS Internet Connectivity
  • Private Line Internet Connectivity
  • Ethernet Private Line Internet Connectivity
  • Interlata Private Line Internet Connectivity
  • Colocation Infrastructure as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery Infrastructure as a Service
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
  • Private Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
  • Storage Infrastructure as a Service
  • Cloud Security Information Technology as a Service
  • Outsourced Information Technology Support as a Service
  • Outsourced Information Technology Monitoring as a Service
  • Outsourced Information Technology Management as a Service