Automatic License Plate Recognition

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Powerful real-time data mining of existing surveillance systems provides cost effective analytic tools for counter-terrorism, law enforcement, private security, and business intelligence. Through the use of True Object Recognition combined with an open architecture software design, the solution is a true enterprise solution that will scale and integrate with existing technology environments.

A Single Source Solution Provider for Automatic License Plate Recognition Needs

Using AI-driven ALPR technology, you can gather data about vehicles entering and exiting the property in real time, recognize vehicle behavior patterns, read license plate numbers, state jurisdictions, and recognize vehicle make. Substantially upgrade your current security system. Police officers receive real-time information on vehicles without having to take their eyes off the road, reducing risk. Recognize identification markings on cargo containers, giving port officials potentially critical information on incoming cargo. Distinguish between commercial and non-commercial vehicles.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Why choose Automatic License Plate Recognition?

ALPR will provide your organization

  • Simple application for Automatic License Plate Recognition monitoring and analytics
  • Full analytics suite with search and reporting features to maximize security and business intelligence
  • Compatibility with a wide range of off-the-shelf surveillance cameras and video management systems for maximum affordability and flexibility
  • Capture of license plates and alert on watch list plates in real-time
  • Capture complete full color images with logs of state jurisdiction and vehicle make
  • Access details about any plate capture or alert
  • View and edit existing hotlists, permit lists, and exclusion lists quickly and easily
  • Easy grouping and keyword search by camera, captured plate, vehicle make, or state jurisdiction for quick research
  • Partial plate search ability

Government Facilities

AI-driven ALPR technology gathers data about vehicles entering and exiting the property in real time. Give authorized personnel access to all license plate capture data and can notify them of any vehicles of interest in the area from either government databases or their own custom-created hotlist. Provide enhanced force protection either for stateside or forward-deployed installations.

Law Enforcement

Mobile ALPR solutions gives police officers peace of mind by by scanning thousands of plates an hour providing real-time information on vehicles without having to take their eyes off the road. Our solution is a software-only product that can be integrated into any camera system, making sure that officers have as much knowledge as possible to keep them safest while they keep us safe.

City Surveillance

Automate the analysis of citywide video by detecting and recognizing vehicle behavior patterns in addition to reading license plate numbers and state jurisdictions and recognizing vehicle make. Integrate with current Video Management Systems (VMS) without the need for additional expensive hardware, making it different from any other video analytics solution.

Maritime Ports

Keep track of and record vehicles entering and leaving the property as well as their length of time at the port and whereabouts while there. Recognize identification markings on cargo containers, giving port officials critical information on incoming cargo. Distinguish between commercial and non-commercial vehicles entering and leaving the port, enhancing security and enabling more accurate tracking of port traffic.

Campus Security

ALPR-based video analytics software can provide the tools necessary to give campus security real-time knowledge of who is on campus and when. Help on-campus personnel with the often-difficult task of parking enforcement by keeping lot counts and alert parking officers when a vehicle parks in an unauthorized space or stays in a particular lot for too long, all without the need for painstaking visual inspections.

Homeland Security

The vital mission of Homeland Security includes securing border crossings, maritime ports, and any other entrances to the USA. APLR Software makes it easier to recognize suspicious vehicle movement patterns as well as alert personnel to hot listed vehicles in the vicinity. It also helps to provide excellent forensic evidence for investigations.

Why Choose Us?

As Your Solution Provider, Straightforward

  • Is independent & can deliver multiple options
  • Will learn your business structure and goals
  • Will understand your information services infrastructure
  • Will determine how to stitch Automatic License Plate Recognition into your business processes
  • Will optimize tracking devices to make Automatic License Plate Recognition implementation a success
  • Will implement and support the selected solution
  • Stay on to handle all the customer service and escalations
  • Become an integrated part of your organization’s ecosystem

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