Remote Home Health

Remote Home Health Systems

Remote Home Health as a Service is more than an emergency button. It is a complete 24/7 safety net enhancing independence and comfort. Our solution offers a secure and cost effective option for independent living with personalized senior care, safety, security, and comfort.

A Single Source Solution for all your Remote Home Health Needs

Reduce risk to appropriated funds by utilizing our network of suppliers who use technology for better awareness of your mutual clients’s round the clock activity. They are able to immediately identify and respond to needs because of the round the clock vigilance of a non-invasive technology platform. It assists in detecting nighttime falls when clients often do not bother to wear medical alert buttons. Intelligent Analytics give visibility to changes in daily routines and help you stay ahead of emergent health problems. Equipped with better insight and 24/7 Security, Emergency, Fire monitoring we create care plans that work to reduce reasons to transfer individuals in to costly institutionalization.

Why choose Remote Home Health?

Monitor Client Activities, Daily Living, and Critical Events

  • Assist with Nighttime Fall Detection
  • Know if Client Sleep Patterns Change
  • Guard against Sedentary Lifestyles or Wandering
  • Uncover Odd & Erratic Eating Habits
  • Detect Infrequent or Excessive Bathroom Usage
  • Assist with Client Medication Adherence

Stay Safe Medical Monitoring

Get peace of mind with a qualified Home Health Care Agency monitoring client’s systems for changes that indicate emergent health problems. Slash costs by keeping clients in their homes longer and preserving their dignity.

Activity Patterns

Understand and alert appropriate family, medical professional, or home health aide if something is out of the ordinary.  Endearing family and uplifting client peace of mind that they are actively cared for.

Up and About

Make sure a client is active during their normal hours.  Know if they are not and enact the correct response before the the issue becomes an emergency or chronic.

Security & Automation

Simplify daily routines with automated temperature, light and security settings. Monitored 24/7 for emergency situations to provide peace of mind by having intrusion, fire/smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection,  police response, fire response, and emergency response by alert button.


Get family involved in client care by alerting them if the client is wandering or leaving the home at odd hours.

Fall Detection

Triage alerts when there is no activity in the home or when the client’s bed is left vacant for long times in the middle of the night.


As Your Solutions Partner, Straightforward

  • Is independent & can deliver multiple options
  • Will learn your business structure and goals
  • Will understand your information services infrastructure
  • Will determine how to stitch Remote Home Health into your business processes
  • Will optimize suppliers to make the Remote Home Health implementation a success
  • Will implement and support the selected vendor solution
  • Stan on to handle all the customer service and escalations
  • Become an integrated part of your Organization’s Ecosystem

About us

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For Government Buyers

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