Smart Asset Tracking

Smart Asset Tracking

People are becoming more connected, places are virtually coming to life, and things are getting smarter. When they all communicate with each other to make your operations easier this is called the Internet of Things. By the end of next year 85% of businesses plan to adopt some kind of Internet of Things technology resulting in over 200 billion connected devices accounting for $10-15 Trillion in worldwide GDP. Manufacturers will be investing more than $70 billion over the next 3 years in Internet of their Things.

A Single Source Solution Provider of Smart Asset Tracking Needs

Your operations will reduce equipment costs by automatically tracking things like inventory and other high value equipment. By monitoring temperature, humidity, vibration, and triggering fluctuation alerts, critical locations are compliant with their ambient condition requirements. As a result, regulatory compliance is effortlessly improved. Locating people in relation to things, facilities managers increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Why Choose Smart Asset Tracking?

Smart Asset Tracking provides your business

  • Open technology platform to clip into your current business processes
  • See every bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, Signal
  • Create new, unique actionable data previously unavailable referencing your people, places and things
  • Answer challenging organizational questions that were previously unanswerable
  • Real time Asset Tracking to help businesses make smarter, more informed business decisions
  • Web based, mobile friendly, easily portable interface
  • Open API for integration into existing systems
  • Expansive 3rd party integrations for ever evolving possibilities

Locate People

Give your people a bluetooth badge, you will know where they are inside your building.

Locate Things

Hang or affix a bluetooth beacon on dumb things, add smarthings, and know where they are in real time.

People and Things within Places

Provide incredible context to people and things by defining locations.

High value asset leaving the building

Expensive equipment often finds its way out the facility improperly. Geofencing this equipment puts the control back into the hands of Asset Managers by alerting them when the equipment is leaving the fence.


Verify opatories, patient rooms, and tissue samples are within temperature specifications with a simple beacon.


Verify environmentals are within thresholds by simply attaching beacons.


Know usage and proactively. Know a tool or piece of equipment is in need of service or down before it’s embarrassing.


Know in real time if your students or employees are in danger of carcinogen exposure in real time.

Leaky restroom

Conserve our precious freshwater resources by knowing about leaky valves instantly and fix issues immediately. Care for other customer service items as well, like paper towel or soap outages

Why work with us?

As your Asset Tracking Solutions Provider, Straightforward

  • Is independent & can deliver multiple options
  • Will learn your business structure and goals
  • Will understand your information services infrastructure
  • Will determine how to stitch Smart Asset Tracking into your business processes
  • Will optimize tracking devices to make Smart Asset Tracking implementation a success
  • Will implement and support the selected solution
  • Stay on to handle all the customer service and escalations
  • Become an integrated part of your organization’s ecosystem

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