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Real-time Asset Management

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Water Valve Leak By Detection

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Remote Home Health Systems for Senior Living

Add a new revenue stream by keeping Seniors in their homes longer with…
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Beacons Save Boatloads of Time and Money

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon technology fits into your current infrastructure and workflow to give you real time tracking of any assets — from people to things, big or small, near or far. New form factors allow beacons to be attached to nearly anything and anyone via BLE wrist bands and BLE keychains.

Unlike RFID, there is no scanning required so it fits seamlessly into your existing environment without disrupting people or processes. This allows implementation to be complete in hours or days, rather weeks or months.

In addition to location, what other things do Beacons report?


Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon Facts

Do I need to get my IT group involved?
-40 F to 185 F
What is the operating temperature range?
No Scanning
We have to scan RFIDs, why BLE Beacons?
Works Indoors
Why not use GPS for location?

Internet of Things increase Senior Independence

Wellness gives you 24x7 insights and keeps you connected to your client’s conditions through automated phone calls, text messages, emails, and access to a secure web portal.

Monitor activity, such as how much time is spent in bed, in a favorite chair, or out of the house; and with intelligent sensors to track and learn the home's activities of daily living. Wellness can identify anomalies that may signify a problem.

More comprehensive than traditional Personal Emergency Response (PERS) wearable pendants, Wellness is a safety net that provides a more complete view of a loved one’s well-being and delivers automatic, real-time alerts.

Unlike a PERS button, Wellness does not rely on the individual to take an action or remember to keep the button with them. With additional information like inactivity alerts or unusual activity patterns, your PERS system can be enhanced to provide a more comprehensive solution.

Improve Senior Independence

Does wellness guard against nightime falls?
Does wellness alert issues with sleep patterns?
Can Wellness monitor many clients in an easy to use dashboard?
Is Wellness smart enough to call out a chronic or declining condition?

Improve Senior Quality of Life at Home

Can Wellness guard against Sedentary or Wandering?
Can Wellness watch for odd & erratic eating habits?
Can Wellness alert on infrequent or excessive bathroom activities?
Will Wellness help us with Medication Adherence?