Make your construction site run more efficiently with real-time location systems.

  • Monitor location and status of workers and materials
  • Find materials faster on a project site
  • Increase utilization of equipment assets
  • Improve worker safety and regulatory compliance and Reduce loss

Let’s start with a simple conversation starter

Make your assets immediately “Smart” and “Connected” with small Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons.

Companies in construction can use RTLS BLE Beacons to enhance operational efficiency, reduce operational costs, increase profit margins and improve customer satisfaction. THINaër pulls in unstructured data created by the people who use Your Things to do their job and unstructured industry data, creating an opportunity to transform your business through cognitive computing and predictive analytics.

Find materials faster.

Material tracking gives visibility to construction materials at any location and in any type of weather.

Take the guesswork out of locating important equipment on a project site.

Eliminate time spent by foremen hunting down construction equipment at the beginning of each shift.

Muster personnel at project sites faster.

With BLE Beacon badges worn by each site worker, site wide muster calls allow safety team members to make sure all workers are accounted for.

Lower asset costs for tools and equipment

through better utilization.

Reduce lost materials

and cut project costs by knowing where your materials are when you need them.

Reduce theft

with real-time tracking, geo-fencing and alerts.

Control access

to sites or areas within sites and monitor security staff activities.