Oil, Gas and Energy

High risk industries need to know the location and status of assets, materials and workers at all times.

  • Map and trace hazardous materials
  • Monitor controlled environments— temperature and humidity
  • See location and status of high value assets and specialized equipment
  • Improve worker safety and regulatory compliance
  • Significantly reduce the time spent searching for tools, assets and materials.

Let’s start with a simple conversation starter

Make your assets immediately “Smart” and “Connected” with small Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons.

Companies in oil, gas, energy, chemical and mining can use BLE Beacons for real-time asset management to enhance operational efficiency, reduce operational costs, increase profit margins and improve customer satisfaction. Our Software as a Service platform pulls in unstructured data created by the people who use Your Things to do their job and unstructured industry data, creating an opportunity to transform your business through cognitive computing and predictive analytics.

The real-time asset tracking application can integrate with surrounding meta-data for Your Things such as maintenance cycles and last date of maintenance to make Your Things even smarter. Improve productivity by reducing the time your workers spend searching for tools and equipment.

Improve asset utilization

by locating broken or out of service equipment and getting it serviced and placed back into the field with less down time.

Improve worker safety

with real-time alerts on employee position and workflow. Monitor access to high risk areas. Know where at-risk personnel are at all times.

Prevent loss

with last seen location and last seen date and time aids.

Increase safety

with real-time monitoring of hazardous chemicals —environment, status, location.

Reduce inventory and maintenance costs

through more accurate inventory management and analytics to know where each piece of equipment is.