Desktop as a Service

Bring your computer anywhere. Virtually infinite compute scale-ability.

Desktop as a Service DaaS

The desktop is significantly changing

End users are more remote than ever before, working from home, the road or branch offices, and they are accessing corporate resources from a variety of devices.

At the same time, IT is under immense pressure to enable this new mobile workforce without sacrificing security and control. IT must ensure that corporate data and applications are secure and while controlling the costs associated with the management of end user devices.

Organizations need a robust, secure and affordable solution that will accommodate shrinking IT budgets and diverse end-user needs. The time is right for companies to take advantage of cloud-hosted desktops and transform end-user computing into next generation workspaces.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) frees businesses from the endless cycle of purchasing, supporting, upgrading and ultimately replacing local PCs by providing an untethered “virtual” workspace that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, on nearly any device, all for a predictable monthly fee. Moreover, customers and end users can control their DaaS environment via a self-service web portal.

By leveraging desktop virtualization from VMware, IT managers are freed from the need to “touch” each desktop when adding or removing users or to fix problems and deliver new applications, saving staff time and keeping employees productive.

Desktop as a Service Standard Features

  • Windows desktop in the cloud
  • Web-based portal for self-service management.
  • PCoIP delivery protocol provides:
    • Seamless desktop user experience
    • Rich media content
    • Access to local USB peripherals
  • Built-in AV and malware protection
  • Access via client on Windows, MAC, IOS, Android, ChromeOS, or any web browser with HTML5 Support.
  • Access to gold pattern desktop for configuration and application management.
  • Integrate virtual desktops with your AD and application servers or other Evolve IP products.

Desktop as a Service Optional Features and Applications

  • User applications such as Microsoft Office (Standard or Enterprise)
  • Evolved Office Applications such as Evolved Exchange and SharePoint

How can my company benefit from Desktop as a Service?


Lock down your old PCs, point them to our Virtual Desktop and we take care of the support, routine upgrades, backups, and virus protection for you.


Reduce the total cost of desktop ownership by almost 70% through remote troubleshooting, ease of deployment, and extended life of older equipment. Meet new requirements by adding additional resources to the “virtual” PC rather than upgrading expensive equipment.


Users can gain access to their Virtual Machine from any location on any device, while administrators can support and deploy from a centralized location.


Services are delivered from diverse technology centers over multiple carriers ensuring that services are available regardless of conditions at the customer location.


Rather than upgrading, virtualize desktops to the cloud where resources can be added to a desktop with a simple mouse click.


Immediately rectify problems remotely – saving IT time and putting employees back to work quickly.


Enjoy unmatched control and point-and-click configuration over all services through our award-winning OSSmosis Portal. Support BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives without compromising control.


Provide external users with secure access to company apps and data. Enforce end-to-end security, consistently, across all users, regardless of device.