Remote Home Health Systems for Senior Living

Add a new revenue stream by keeping Seniors in their homes longer with Technogranny Club’s Remote Home Health Platform

Using discreet wireless sensors throughout the client’s living area, Remote Home Health tracks activity and wellness indicators, giving caregivers real-time insight into each client’s current conditions as well as potential emergent problems.

Remote Home Health is an affordable tool for personalized senior care.

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Remote Home Health uses real-time sensor data and intelligent algorithms to establish routine activity patterns, which in turn can help identify abnormalities and emergency events. Identifying out-of-the-normal situations enables the system to provide healthcare agents with Real-time Alerts so they can respond to immediate needs quickly. Multi-resident, view-at-a-glance interfaces make it possible for one agent to monitor multiple clients on a single dashboard. In addition to managing emergencies, stored historical data allows trend reporting, which makes it possible to identify behavioral changes that could indicate chronic conditions or decline.

Market Demographics

So, here are the numbers for the Aging market in America. It’s an unprecedented time. For the first time, older adults will outnumber kids.

  • There are 46 million Americans aged 65+ with
  • 10,000 people turning 65 every day until 2030
  • And in 2030, that number will be 72 million.

That’s huge.

And, not only are we getting older. We are staying older. The fastest growing age group of the 65+ market is the Old-Old which represents those folks over the age of 80.

There is a growing disparity between the aging of America and the growth of the Nursing and Skilled care staff. So, now we are facing what has come to be known as the Caregiving Squeeze, individuals who are responsible for both.

Current care delivery model for aging adults is not scalable.

Baby boomers are living longer with more chronic conditions and less savings so do not have the savings to afford expensive care options.

Not enough caregiving professionals to handle the new aged. This trend will continue to get worse-care model can’t exist without change

Technology must be part of the solution to empower and enable older adults to live the life they want to live in the place they want to live it.

As you can see from the statistics, those individuals over the age of 65 want to be able to stay in the comfort of their own home for longer and many are looking to reduce home and healthcare expenses by using new technology.

Introducing our Remote Home Health Platform

There is an increased need for non-intrusive  and passive systems that help customers support their loved ones and assist in emergencies.’s Wellness offering provides a complete 24/7 safety net and maintains customer’s loved ones’ independence and privacy. Our solution offers a secure and cost effective option for living independently with safety, security, peace of mind and connectedness

Caregiver mobile monitoring views

With Remote Home Health, now you can know things such as

  • Is the client up and about moving through her typical day
  • are they taking medications daily?
  • Are there abnormal behaviors or unusual events taking place in her home
  • are they safe inside at night and if a door opened in the middle of the night, could the family be notified?
  • Or if there is an emergency, could Emergency Medical Services respond?

How how are we accomplishing this?

Unified Worker Experience

Our application’s unified customer experience allows your team to monitor your client’s on their preferred device. Making adoption smoother and familiar for your skilled labor pool.

What does this mean for the Home Health  Care Agency?

  • Drive new operating Tevenue
  • Increase net operating revenue
  • Increase resident and client retention
  • Produces a differentiated living experience
  • Decrease operating expenses