Real-time Asset Management

Find your people and things with Real Time Asset Management

Leverage the power of the Internet of Things IoT to make your operations run smoothly. Real-time Asset Management is no longer a pipe dream. It is here, now, and ready for prime time.

Let us help you mitigate the challenge of a smart inventory

An emerging trend is to roll out equipment and devices that are built smart enough out-of-the-box to communicate or chat with each other. A thorny challenge arises with this particularly expensive implementation of the Internet of Things when an update is required, or the hardware has become obsolete. Often times, it is difficult to upgrade or replace one piece of equipment without upgrading almost everything, including equipment that may still be otherwise functioning well. The added considerations also require getting your Information Technology (IT) group or Information Services (IS) group involved and communicating to all affected parties what is changing and how it will affect them.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technologies provide a low-cost, high return, flexible implementation of the Internet of Things. Data points such as status, location, temperature, humidity, vibration and more can be easily gathered via an easily retrofitted, low-cost device that can be replaced as needed without requiring additional expensive equipment purchases or upgrades.