Integrations with CRM and ERP Systems

Make your systems useful by integrating them into your customer resource management and enterprise resource management tools.

Customer Resource Management Integrations and Implementation

Customer Resource Management tools seamlessly integrate with web flows. When the visitor communicates with your website the right person can respond through unified communications. When your agent responds to the visitor all customer interactions by your organizations will be visible to the operator so nothing is missed when helping them out.

Increasingly mobile organizations are seeing their voice communications increasingly fragmented. Device management is a nightmare. Unify it. Once it is unified you can merge it seamlessly into your visible back end. Record a voice interaction like it is an email or a chat session and then click to listen to the recorded conversation. It won’t matter if the call was answered on mobile, desktop PC or desk phone it is all within view.

Each person in your company has the power to make evangelists or vocal crusaders against you. There is no way to understand a dissenting voice without knowing not only voice conversations but your employee’s email connections with them.

Let us help you integrate your whole business in to easy to use tools.